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Streamlining Your Home & Office

Organized decluttered closet


I believe that when you walk into your home at the end of the day you should feel welcomed and relaxed NOT overwhelmed and anxious.

I want to help create a space for you that improves your overall quality of life so you enjoy spending more time with your loved ones!

Hi! I'm Meghan

I use to spend all day looking for things UNTIL I realized that if everything has a designated place I'm not wasting my time looking for things OR valuable memory space keeping track of where random items are OR spending money buying multiples of things I knew I already had I just couldn't find. 

I was so frustrated because of this.

NOW everything has a place and my home is easier to manage because of this.

No, I'm not a neat freak.

I have a very relaxed, effective and efficient approach to organizing that will help to keep your home and/or office streamlined!


I love being a Personal Organizer and, I love helping families, couples, busy professionals, and new mothers, retirees and anyone else who could benefit from my services.



It's said that the kitchen is the heart of any home, and I totally agree!

An organized kitchen will make meal planning easier and save you money. You will finally have a beautiful, practical kitchen that provides a stress free and cozy gathering spot for your family and friends!


No need to waste vacation days on your move - let us help! 

How amazing would it feel to have someone come in and pack all your boxes and better yet unpack in your new home.

We will put all your belongings where they best go to create a flow within your new home that is unique to your families needs! 

Next level turnkey ready!


As a mom of three young children - I know how much 'stuff' they come with. Living in a new home or a century home, I've faced all kinds of storage and space challenges myself and have learned how to make any space livable, functionable and beautiful!


I know how hard it is when the time comes to downsize and move into new smaller spaces. I can help with the hard process of culling your belongings down to the essentials. I can also assist with arranging  for the disposition of that which you cannot take with you.

I absolutely love to help with the unpacking and organizing in your new space. Take the day off and come back to a fully unpacked and organized new home! 

Moving in Nova Scotia, Osborne Organizing can help! Next Level Turn Key Ready. Professional Home organizers streamline your home

"Organization isn't about perfection; it's about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving you time and money and improving your overall quality of life."


- Christina Scalise



"Over the last two years, after several changes in our teaching schedules due to COVID, our teaching spaces NEEDED organizing! The supplies needed during the 2021/22 school year to run our nursing lab DOUBLED when we split our class into two groups. Items such as gloves, masks and shields were overtaking our space. Fast forward to summer 2022. Problem: As we began to prepare to welcome our new class for September, we were overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. Solution: We contacted Meghan at Osborne Organizing. 


Our spaces felt chaotic and we wanted a less cluttered environment for our students to practice and learn. Meghan spent a few days with us in our nursing lab. We emptied every cupboard, drawer, box and closet! The first couple of days was organized chaos and honestly quite overwhelming, it was really helpful to have Meghan there to help us see the light at the end of the tunnel and to keep us motivated. She assured us things would get better...and she was right. With her bins, label maker and an eye for making practical workspaces, we would end up with a tidy, organized lab that we love again! She created manageable systems to help with inventory, supply management and reordering. With Meghan's leadership, we have set our students (and ourselves!) up for success when we return to the classroom in the fall!”


                                    -  Claudette M., Truro, NS

"I recently had the honour of working with Meghan to organize our entire two-car garage and my only regret is not hiring her sooner!


Meghan was incredibly professional, kind-hearted and made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process.


She was collaborative in her approach, so skilled at what she does, incredibly thorough and efficient and provided solutions that I never would have thought of.


I love how she created specific stations for our sporting equipment and yard/maintenance items that we can actually maintain, while also helping me declutter and create enough room to park in the garage.


I couldn’t believe what we were able to achieve in just a day and I would 100% recommend Meghan’s services to anyone looking to tackle organizing a space that they’re feeling overwhelmed with."

                                  - S. K., Halifax, NS

"I cannot say enough about Meghan and the incredible job she did helping us organize our basement. From the moment she arrived, it was clear that she was not only fast and efficient but also incredibly kind and personable.

We were blown away by how much she accomplished in such a short amount of time. Everything now has a designated home, and everything is labeled and easy to find.

Meghan also helped us create a system for our kids' clothes. With growing children, keeping track of clothing sizes and what they've outgrown can be a daunting task. We now have a clear and efficient system in place for managing their clothing as they grow.

Our basement has become a functional and organized space that we now enjoy spending time in. Meghan's expertise and dedication are truly exceptional, and I would recommend her services to anyone in need of a professional organizer. Meghan has not only made our lives easier, but she has also brought peace and order to our home. Thank you, Meghan!"

- Michelle W. Halifax, NS

Clean organized kitchen
Where to start?


1. Click on the "Book a FREE Consult" button at the top of the page

(or if you would like to chat first send me an email or give me a call!)

2. After the Free Consult call I will send you a game plan and quote.

3. We book a date to get started.

4. Release judgement. There is never any judgement from me and I ask the same of you towards yourself. You cannot think yourself out of this, so lets just get started!

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